Options give you the right to buy or sell a given stock (or other assets) within a given time frame. Traders only profit if assets moved in the direction they predicted. This is a high-risk – high-profit investment methodIQ Option provides a platform to do Options trading for small investors starting from 1$ up to 10,000$ per single trade.

Options aren’t new, Hedge fund managers & wall street traders were investing a portion of their portfolio in option contracts over the past few decades. But they have become more popular in recent years, not just among professional traders, but among ordinary investors. In 2020, options trading reached a record level: 7.47 billion contracts were traded, involving more than 20 million active investors. according to the Options Clearing Corporation reports.

IQoption platforms have Over 74 million registered accounts, 1.8 million-plus active daily traders, with 380 million USD Monthly investing volume. they provides its services for nearly a decade and considered the most trustworthy broker for binary options trading. On IQoption you are trading over real market fluctuations, not on a simulation. So making correct predictions need practice. With our free video series, you can learn everything you need to know about binary options trading.

What do you have to do in IQOption trading?

You have to determine the market direction for the nearest future, is it going to go Higher or Lower? Trading asset values are calculated up to 6 decimal points and you can make predictions with fixed expiration time. If your prediction is correct, you can potentially profit up to 91%* of your trade.

But if your prediction is wrong you will lose your predicted amount. In case of a tie (trade ending up exactly on your predicted value), there will be no loss or profit.

example – If you predict 100$ trade at 91% profit margin in case of a successful prediction; you will end up with 191$ * in case of an unsuccessful prediction; you will lose that 100$. So it is a High Risk – High gain financial tool. Therefore it is vital to practice your trading techniques well before investing. Our website is dedicated to providing free educational materials to learn everything you need to know about Binary options trading.


How much can you potentially earn with IQoption trading?

The lowest single trade value at IQOption is at 1$ per trade, the maximum single trade in IQoption is 5,000$. But you can do multiple trades simultaneously and there are no limits for daily trades. So there is no limit to your potential profits, but there is a high risk of losing all your funds if you don’t trade smart. It is highly advised to practice with demo accounts and develop trading patterns for your trading. IQoption provides an Unlimited¬†full-featured practice account where you can learn and train before you start trading with real money. our website & youtube channel provides 100% Free educational materials including videos and articles on trading strategies.


*Amount to be credited to account in case of successful trade